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The easiest and most accurate way of obtaining a price for a new fence is to simply call the office and set up an appointment. A representative from Goodman Fence will meet with you to help with layout and design and can provide pricing options

Most appointments take 30 – 60 minutes depending on how complicated the project

The lead time will vary depending on several factors:  number one being- how many jobs are ahead of me. Weather also plays a key role in back log as well as obtaining permits and HOA approvals. That being said wait times can range from 1 or 2 weeks to 6+ weeks in the height of the season. We strive to get everyone’s job as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

In most cases, the posts can be set in a day. We use concrete to secure the posts so a one week cure time is required before we come back and finish, usually in one day. Two days with a week in between.

This depends on where you live. The city of Springfield requires a permit for fences built that are over 4’ tall. Sangamon County requires one for any fence built. So, the bottom line is check with your local zoning office to be sure.  Most towns surrounding Springfield do require some sort of a permit to build a fence

Yes, all the fences installed by Goodman Fence, Inc. automatically are covered by a 1 year workmanship warranty. Many products we use are covered by warranties ranging from 10 years to lifetime. Ask your representative for details pertaining to your particular fence.

Yes, we are happy to help you with design as well as give you some pointers if you are doing-it-yourself. We offer delivery upon request.

In most instances, the posts should be installed 6” inside your property line. This allows for the space around the post that the concrete takes up keeping it on your property also. To do this you must know the EXACT location of your property line.  Some municipalities have different set backs so to be sure check with local zoning.

First and foremost you should be sure of the location of your property lines. Beware of educated guesses from companies claiming to find your pins. Many times these are found to be wrong later and can lead to expensive fence relocation not to mention neighbor feuds. Also you should be familiar with, and make Goodman Fence aware of, the location of underground obstructions such as but not limited to irrigation systems, hidden pet containment wire, drainage tiles, owner installed electric, gas or communication lines, and septic lines

Property pins are iron rods in the ground that indicate your property lines. These are located in the property corners. There are usually 4 pins but you can occasionally have more depending on the shape of your lot. These pins can be located by a surveying company or you can try and locate them yourself using a “pin finder” found at many rental stores.  If you are in doubt or if there is already a property line dispute, we highly recommend using a licensed surveyor to locate your pins.

Property easements are a portion of your property designated to be accessible by others without obstruction. This is still part of your property but no structure can be built on it without prior permission.

There are several different types and sizes of easements. The most common are drainage and utility. A plat map of your property will show the width and location of the easement usually depicted as a dotted line.

Goodman fence, Inc. requires a 20% deposit due at the signing of the work contract with the balance due within 30 days after work is completed

Goodman Fence, Inc accepts cash, checks, Visa, Master Card and Discover. We DO NOT accept any payment over the phone.

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Your spa should be drained and refilled about every 4 months. This is a good time to clean the interior surface with an approved spa surface cleaner, clean or replace the filter and replace your Nature 2 cartridge

Goodman Fence started selling spas in 1982

Yes, the pH balance of your spa water is VERY important. It can dramatically impact the life of your spa and its equipment. If the pH is left low or acidic for any length of time, the water will become corrosive and can begin to damage metal and even plastic parts. High pH can lead to other problems such as, cloudy water or even calcium or scale build up on the spa surface

A foul odor from your spa water usually means that you need to shock the water with chlorine.  A dosage of 2 oz. per 500 gallons will usually do the trick. You should always first check and adjust pH if necessary, then add the chlorine dosage.

Cloudy water can be caused by many things:

pH imbalance- check and adjust as necessary

Insufficient sanitizer- shock the water with chlorine concentrate or Activate

Insufficient filter cycle- increase the programmed filter time

Dirty or damaged filter- clean or replace filter. Average filter life is about 1 year

The water may just be old and in need of replacement. You should change your spa water every 4 months

Foaming spa water is a result of too many oils in the water for the sanitizer to handle. Sanitizers alone have a difficult time breaking down lotions, make up and other body oils. The result is foamy spa water. A product called foam out can be used as a temporary solution. If foamy spa water becomes a chronic problem, use a product called Natural Clear as part of your weekly routine. Natural Clear and products like it digest oils thus removing them from the water.

Over a period of time, moisture can be drawn into the insulating foam of your spa cover causing it to gain weight. Keeping the cover clean, removing it when chemicals are added and using a cover lift will lengthen the life of your spa cover. When the cover gets heavy, its time to replace it so as to not damage your cover lifter or your back!

Check your filter lid. Many times, when replacing the filter lid, the O-ring around the top will get pinched and let water leak out. The filter O-ring may also need to be lubricated. Always us a silicone or Teflon based lube, not Vaseline. Also check the air relief, making sure it is not cracked or broken and is securely tightened

Winter can be one of the best times to use your spa, but if you would prefer, your spa can be winterized. DO NOT simply drain the spa or it will freeze and break the plumbing causing a possible total loss. Instead, call and set up a time for us to come out and professionally winterize your spa or show you how to do it yourself.

This is possibly the most asked question we get. The answer is simple. Do nothing. Don’t open the cover, DO NOT DRAIN it. Wait for the power to come back on, then go through the programming and make sure all is still running properly.

Spas are mechanical and occasionally break down. Simply call our office and set up a time for one of our technicians to come by for a service call. If the problem occurs during freezing months, use a small ceramic heater to keep things thawed till service can be performed. Be sure to allow space for the heater to avoid melting any plastic parts or causing a fire.

The answer to that question is yes with a few considerations. Goodman Fence will consider trade ins on spas that were originally purchased from us and are in working order. The value of your trade in will depend on the age and condition of the spa overall

Yes, as long as the deck is built with enough reinforcement to support the weight of the spa, the water in it ( remember 8lbs per gallon) and it users.

We discourage ” decking in” your spa. Any service issues are greatly compounded if access to the equipment and plumbing underneath is limited. Please consult a Goodman Fence representative if you are planning to build around your spa.